Eczema /atopic eczema / children’s eczema

This package is intended for you who suffer from eczema, atopic eczema or children’s eczema. Would you like to know how and in which order the products should be used? Then click the tab “application” below.

Are you suffering from eczema of your scalp? Then take a look at this package.


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Repair Salve 100 ml

Extremely effective against ragged cuticles, small cuts, scratches, nappy rash and sore nipples. Fantastic as a night mask for the hands or feet to boost moisture in the skin and soothe irritation.

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Vitamin E 100% 30ml

One single ingredient, pure vitamin E, which is the strongest antioxidant in existence.

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Cleansing Mask 200g

This cleansing mask is suitable for use as a daily facial cleanser, deep cleansing mask for both face and body, make-up remover, natural soap, shaving cream and much more.

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Anti-Irritation 300ml

Anti Irritation is effective against all forms of skin irritation and in the treatment of eczema, acne, dandruff and psoriasis. This product is inspired by the Vikings’ salt baths and has a higher concentration of active ingredients than the Dead Sea.

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Product information

Morning routine – order and use

1. Cleansing Mask
All rinsing must take place with Cleansing Mask (only as rinse for 30 seconds, and not as a mask). This is for the purpose of adding minerals to your skin. You can add a capful of Ai to your Cleansing mask, thus boosting the effect even more.

2. Ai
Dab it on and leave to dry. It will sting as long as the skin is open, but the minerals will be a great help. If you are treating a child, it might be an idea to mix the Ai with half water to eliminate much of the stinging.

You can for instance use Calm Face Cream if your eczema is in your face. This is a calming and nourishing cream which will also suppress redness.

Evening routine – order and use

1. Cleansing Mask
All cleansing must take place using Cleansing Mask (only as cleansing, not as mask). You can add a capful of Ai to your Cleansing Mask in order to boost the effect even more.

2. Ai
Dab it on and leave to dry. If you are treating a child, it will be a good idea to mix Ai with half water, in order to reduce the stinging.

3. Repair Salve & vitamin E
Apply Repair Salve. If the skin is directly open and suppurating, I would recommend that you mix a few drops of vitamin E into your Repair Salve – thus enhancing regeneration and preventing the formation of scar tissue.

Repair Salve 100 ml

Lanoline. Olea European Fruit Oil. Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil. Butyrospernum Pakii Butter. Cera Alba. Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter. Limonene. Citrus Bergamia Peel Oil Expressed. Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil. Linalool. Citral. Gernatol.

Vitamin E 100% 30ml

Alfa Topherol

Cleansing Mask 200g

Moroccan Lava Clay. Prynus Sylvestris Leaf Oil. Illicium Vernum Fruit Oil. Limonene.

Anti-Irritation 300ml

Sea Water Extract. Glycerin*. Aqua. Salix Purpurea Bark Extract*. Lactic Acid.