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Sizzle-salt brine and purple willow

Anti-Irritation 300ml

The concentration of active ingredients in the salty baths of the Vikings were equal to those found in the Dead Sea. We re-invent these baths, mixing in the fantastic effects and treatments which the old monks made with extract from purple willow.

I call the product Anti-Irritation owing to the many problems it may alleviate. Use it in case of e.g. dry and scaly skin, as a tonic for acne, eczema, in case of irritated scalp/psoriasis – and much more. You can read more under the tab “application”.

This is not at all new knowledge; it is simply forgotten knowledge on new bottles.


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Product information

Purple Willow
Willow extract has been applied in herbal cosmetics since the remote past. Owing to experience from this long tradition, we know that willow can be safely applied in the production of cosmetics. The purple willow has the largest content of salicylic acid and ascorbic acid to be found in nature and they are the most used ingredients within the manufacturing of anti-ageing skin products. High percentages of ascorbic acid are used in creams applied in the treatment of skin cancer and damage due to sun exposure. Together, ascorbic acid and salicylic acid are used against pigmentation damage and, not least, in the treatment of skin affected by hormone disruption, because they inhibit bad bacteria and keep lactic acid bacteria alive for a longer period of time. Ascorbic acid is a vitamin C of importance to the body’s immune defence, protecting the skin from for instance virus and bacteria.

Sizzle salt brine
Residue brine is the water that is left after the manufacturing of table salt at Læsø Salt Works. Though inedible, this brine contains a number of minerals and trace elements that have proven highly advantageous for the skin. Salt contains trace elements, magnesium, minerals, and iodine which will be directly absorbed by the skin. Perhaps a bit surprising, the residue brine is highly similar to human blood plasma. This is one of the reasons why it has such a beneficial effect on our skin. It may even alleviate severe eczema and psoriasis. Mild skin problems, such as e.g. pimples, infection and skin fungus may be significantly improved or even disappear. The salt concentration in our brine is 9 times higher as compared with ordinary seawater, and it is of a concentration similar to what you will find in the Dead Sea in Israel.

The interaction between the Anti-Irritation Salt and the pile solution is targeted irritated and problematic skin for the alleviation of e.g. eczema and the similar. In relation to dry, scaly, and highly irritated skin, it will soften the scaly and dry flakes. At the same time, it will have a healing effect on wounds and alleviate itching. All minerals collaborate on the improvement of the metabolic processes and thereby ensure the maintenance of the skin’s normal functions and that the skin keeps its healthy, lustrous appearance. Irritation and bacteria, internal as external, will be controlled in such a way that solely the skin’s protective bacterial flora remains. The need for ascorbic acid, ordinarily referred to as vitamin C, increases in case of physical stress, hormone disruption, pollution, disease, smoking, etc. Together with iron, vitamin C is necessary for building up the 20 amino acids our body needs for the cultivation of protein and collagen. Collagen deficiency may result in the smallest blood vessels becoming brittle, the skin thinner and more fragile, and in poor healing of wounds. Minerals and vitamins will be absorbed by the skin, contributing to a normalisation of the production of collagen. This will, moreover, contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress – such as e.g. the influence of the sun’s UV rays, hormone disruption, eczemas, bacteria attacks, etc.

For dry and scaly skin, the mineral saturated solution will be applied in its undiluted state, using a cotton pad. After 30 minutes, you rinse with clean water. This treatment is repeated 1-2 times daily for a fortnight – or as needed.

For ordinary rinse against acne, it is used as a tonic morning and evening, whereupon you subject the skin to normal treatment.

Eczema is treated by applying the liquid, using a cotton pad. Apply Anti-Irritation 1-3 times daily, all depending on place and severity of attack. NOTE: In case of severe children’s eczema, I recommend that you dilute it with water before use, as it will cause stinging in case of open skin.

Larger areas may be packed in gauze which is then moistened with Anti-Irritation. Leave for between 10 and 40 minutes and then rinse with tap water.

Hands and feet can also be packed in cotton gloves or socks moistened with Anti-Irritation.

In case of irritated scalp or psoriasis, anti-irritation can be applied to the scalp after shampooing. Leave it while bathing the rest of your body. Then rinse and wash once again, using your ordinary shampoo.

Sea Water Extract. Glycerin*. Aqua. Salix Purpurea Bark Extract*. Lactic Acid. *Organic

The water from the mineral springs on the Danish island of Læsø is heated to 80-85 degrees Celsius. When the brine has been saturated (36%), the salt will crystalise on the surface. The salt will then be poured into large baskets for draining and subsequent drying. The remainder, the brine, will now contain about 26% salt – a concentration equal to what you will find in the Dead Sea in Israel. It has been estimated that Læsø has more than 1000 saltwork ruins, dating back to former times.