If it has worked for 200 years, it will probably still be working!

So why not use such knowledge as we already have?

This is the philosophy behind my products that are all based on nature’s own chemistry. In addition, I have alway been of the opinion that “if something can be done better, then we shall do better”. I therefore always work towards finding new and better ingredients – to the benefit of your skin.


Best regards,
Raz, the Beauty Specialist


Raz underskrift i sort med hvid baggrund

My name is Rasmus Bjørn Steen-Gørup (but most people call me Raz), and I am the man behind Raz Skincare.

For many years, I have studied, examined and worked with how to apply nature’s therapeutic and beauty-enhancing properties. On the basis of my immense knowledge of Nordic plants and herbs, I have been developing beauty products for the past 20 years.

The products from Raz Skincare are aimed at the fastidious consumer, and you can look forward to the most delicious consistencies, Nordic fragrancies and impressive effects. In so far as possible, I buy my ingredients from the Nordic countries, from Denmark and locally – a fact that you will also experience in the ingredients, the packagings, the cartons, etc.

If you have troubled skin, I provide skin analyses that will give you personal guidance together with a tailored skincare routine for precisely your skin. On my website, you will also finde guidelines pertaining to various skin disorders – and, if you are really nerdy, you should take a look at my articles.

In addition, I also give talks on an ongoing basis – online as physical – where, together, we can be really nerdy, and I can give you all my best tips and tricks for how you obtain the skin, you have always dreamt of.